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Value Added Services

Kriatec Services understand the requirements of our customers ever changing needs for the urge of Value added Services and started offering the below services to benefit customers to improve their Profits and business utilising our services.

Online Training Services :

To Guide the Budding Engineers /Students and To meet the demand for the SKILLED Engineers by Mechanical, Mechatronics and I.T Industries, we have set our VISION as below: “To Provide 10,000 Trained Engineers to Industries Every YEAR across the GLOBE" To convert this VISION into ACTION, Kriatec Services proud to associate with the best Training centre in India – Central Tool Room and Training Centre, MSME, Bhubaneswar are providing various ONLINE Skill Enhancement courses in the arena of Mechanical, IT and Mechatronics.
Till date, we have launched over 10 Online courses and its unique offering made good career building program over thousands of students across the world. All the Online Courses are certified by CTTC,MSME, Bhubaneswar. CTTC, Bhubaneswar is the leading MSME Tool Room and Training centre of India. Please visit this below link for more details and register for the courses https://cttc.mfgelearning.com/

Fixture Design Training Services :

Fixture Design is the key element in the New Product Development cycles. Kriatec and W & W Engineering TEAM developed unique Fixture Design Training Services offered to the Industries and Educational Institutes across the globe. We offer the Fixture Design Training Services through Online and Onsite. CLRO concept is the unique emerging concept for the world class Fixture Design.

Fixture Concept Design Verification Services :

Kriatec tied-up with W & W Engineering to offer unique offering of verification of Customers Fixture designs within shorter period. Always it is challenge to design the best fixture and Kriatec Ensures that Customer Fixture Design verified for various aspects before manufacturing of the same. Latest unique techniques used to offer this Fixture Verification.

Fixture Design, Gauge Design, Prove-out and Manufacturing Services :

Successful fixture designs begin with a logical and systematic plan. With a complete analysis of the fixture’s functional requirements, we design most ideal fixture for the components and help you to prove-out the fixtures using the virtual machining CAM system.

Industry Based & Skill Upgradation Training Programs for Educational Institutes and Industry :

Kriatec conducts an industry based skills upgradation training programs for Engineering Institutions to bridge the gap between fresher’s awareness of engineering and Industry Expected Knowledge. Kriatec has signed up MOU’s for such training programs with more than 25 Institutions uptill now.

Productivity Improvement Projects for companies with CNC Machines :

With the highly proficient and experienced team of Engineers, we provide productivity improvement consultation for CNC shops by working with our clients very closely and innovating new the ideas and manufacturing methods.

CNC Programming Services to Industries for New Product Development :

Kriatec Provides CAM programming services & consultation through the world’s best CAM system right from simple to very complex profiles including Multi-axis machining and for variety of cnc controllers.



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