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Kriatec e-Learning eTutor for Schools and Colleges

Kriatec e-Learning eTutor is cloud based Teaching aid Application can be used in all types of Schools, Arts & Multimedia, Engineering, Medical Colleges to upgrade their Students Skillsets by continuous Learning in Online method. Kriatec offers Online e-Learning eTutor Application which helps Schools & colleges to enable their uninterrupted teaching during School non-working hours as well.
Kriatec e-Learning eTutor keep your Teaching staffs and students get connected 24 x 7. This is cloud based application and can be used in mobile, Computer desktop or laptop or tablet.

Major Benefits of Kriatec e-Learning eTutor applications
Benefits to Students - Learn Subjects @ 24 x 7

  • Watch Recorded Videos
  • eBooks and Downloadable
  • Assignments and Worksheets
  • Attend tests and get instant results
  • Schedule online Live session

Quick Implementation of Kriatec E-Learning eTutor Application

  • Quick initial set-up for Schools and Colleges
  • Subject wise and Class wise Courses for each standard / year can be added instantly by the Faculty. Instant modifications can be done. Live refresh to Students and Students always can view only the LATEST LESSON or Class work content
  • Details of over 5,000 Students can be uploaded quickly from Excel/table
  • Teaching Faculty Allocation to each Class / Standard / Year can be done meticulously
  • Initial handheld training to faculty to upload Course Contents (Content of lessons, video lectures, PDFs, Questions and Answers)
  • Faculty can upload their own Questions with correct answers with Time limitation to complete the TEST
  • Pass category like above 60% can be given to all Questions so that students can do test after every chapter, lesson so that they can be tracked about their understanding

Key highlights of Kriatec ELearning eTutor Application

  • Student-friendly Interface
  • Individual login to every student
  • Contents can be viewed week wise
  • eBooks, PDFs, and assignments can be provided
  • Students can upload their answer sheets and assignments easily
  • Students can attend Objective as well as Subjective Tests
  • Schedule online live sessions with ease and integrate with Skype, GoToMeeting and Zoom
  • Evaluation process by faculty is easy
  • Faculty can view the marks scored by students in Objective Tests
  • Faculty can correct the Project report or Subjective TEST submitted by Students Project option

eTutor Benefits eLearning tutor over Conventional

eTutor Benefits eLearning tutor over Conventional

Key Functions of eLearning tutor Major Benefits of eLearning tutor
  • Scalable Content
  • Faster Delivery output
  • Capability & Consistency message
  • Progress monitoring & assessment’s
  • Activity & ROI Measurement
  • Time & Money saving
  • More effective learning
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
Conventional Training Method Kriatec eLearning Tutor Method
  • Teaching Faculty needs to assign to cover syllabus
  • Less period of time – more content
  • nsistency may vary
  • No delay for arranging resource
  • Students needs to align his/her flexible time
  • Consistent data and same info will deliver each time
  • Teaching Faculty dumped with all content
  • Less time to practice
  • If help requires – again he/she have to seek time of Teaching Faculty
  • Irrespective of place/time Students will learn indefinitely
  • More time for practice
  • Tailored according to Students understanding
  • Students is in trouble because of insufficient understanding & practice
  • Effect Productivity & efficiency
  • Manage with Hand to mouth output only
  • If help requires, he/she is just a click away from help
  • Upload/download any data
  • Fine streaming for video content
  • Self assessment tests help Students to understand and focus according to need
  • More Clear with finely tuned knowledge
  • Trainee got certified also depending upon test score

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