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Edgecam Die And Mold

Edgecam’s 3D capability offers a complete solution for generating high quality, gouge protected toolpaths that meet the demands of manufacturers tasked with the programming and machining of complex parts and free form shapes.

Industries involved in the manufacturing of 3D forms such as Aerospace, Prototyping, Mould Tools and General Engineering will all benefit from Edgecam’s 3D machining cycles. Edgecam offers not only best in class prismatic machining capabilities, you also have powerful 3D solid and surface machining strategies, all in one solution.


With an extensive suite of advanced 3D cycles that are ideally suited for rapidly generating toolpaths for all surface and solids machining needs, Edgecam’s advanced machining cycles bring optimised toolpath control, reduced cycle times and an overall higher level of machining efficiency. Extensive range of 3D cycles 3D machining technology is embedded in all Edgecam’s milling cycles and applies 2D or 3D toolpaths based upon the cycle being used and the interrogation of the geometry to be machined.

Unlike many CAM systems, Edgecam is ‘CAD neutral’, so whatever CAD system you use, interoperability between CAD and CAM is seamless, with no data translation. This means that you machine exactly what the designer intended and toolpaths remain  associative to the master model.



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